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How to use cannabis, CBD, vape pens to help anxiety

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How to use cannabis, CBD, vape pens to help anxiety

How to use cannabis, CBD, vape pens to help anxiety

Mar 30, 2018 Written by Dr D

Many people and report using cannabis as an anti anxiety medication. We see several common ways people use cannabis to relieve anxiety.

One is a 1-3 times a day dosing regimen with pure CBD tinctures. Patients have reported results anywhere from 20 mgs to 300 mgs and usually dose every 4-8 hours.

CBD vape is also another common way people use CBD, which is absorbed by the body within seconds or minutes and may be of use when rapid relief is needed or in unexpectedly stressful situations.

Many people prefer smoking cannabis with THC in the buds to aid there anxiety, although remember for a minority of people sometimes too much THC can worsen anxiety.

Vaporizing or smoking cannabis for anxiety is common – we would recommend starting with a balanced 1:1 CBD:THC ratio in your flower or oil and then seeing if you prefer higher CBD or THC as you experiment with different products.

Some people report they prefer stains with more sedating terpenes commonly referred to as Indicas for helping anxiety.

Pure CBD vapes or tinctures are often choices for people who cannot be under the psychoactive influence of THC during the work day.