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The wrongful demonization of the THC "high"

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The wrongful demonization of the THC “high”

The wrongful demonization of the THC “high”

Mar 3, 2017 Written by Dr D

Unfortunately we must still break down the stigma around the cannabis “high” that the federal government has so wrongly stigmatized. Let me tell you… from working as a physician for years the hospitals are full of patients enjoying their opiate “high” and pain relief and we don’t see Jeff “the NeoProhibitionist” Sessions yelling at people for enjoying their opiate high. Truly disheartening to see so many supposedly smart people completely uninformed on the real world dynamics of helping people and what the real risks are, because in the face of the opiod epidemic I can assure you the cannabis high is NOT the enemy… in fact we have a term for when a patient in the hospital are given too many narcotics and become drowsy or over drugged, we call them “snowed”, snowed out on opiates and people get snowed all the time. Maybe a patient requests more meds then they can handle, maybe the nurse doesn’t evaluate the patient correctly, maybe the patient is abusing opiates illegally brought into the hospital, maybe the patient is in so much pain they would rather fall to sleep from opiates then deal with it.

Everything in medicine has a risk and a benefit… the cannabis high… is it a benefit or a risk? Well I would strongly urge you to view it as a pleasant (for some) side effect in a world where most medications have much worse side effects, like death, constipation, liver damage and more.