Dr. D. Adapt: Vape and Shatter






The Dr. D. Adapt is so named because the device allows you to attach vape cartridges and then if you wish to switch to using a concentrate like crumble or shatter you simply adapt the device by removing the vape cartridge and attaching the atomizer which can be used to vaporize wax, crumble, and shatter.

Features Include:

– Exchangeable quartz glass mouth piece

– Ported air chamber to increase vapor production

– 2 x 11mm dual core atomizers included

– TWO atomizer is made of ceramic material – heats rapidly for large puff, the other atomizer is made of slower heating quartz for a slower even puff

– Stainless steel coil and ceramic heating element

– Large 320MAH battery, 3 clicks adjusts the voltage from low, medium and high. 5 clicks turns the device on and off


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