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Dr. D. Cannabis

CBD Vape Pens and Batteries

Buy Dr. D. CBD Vape pens!

  • No THC
  • Multiple flavors and strain recreations.
  • Tested free of pesticides, herbicides, and bacteria.
Other names these items are referred to are hemp oil pens, CBD oil pens, oil pens, dab pens, shatter pens, weed pens, vape cartridges, vape oil, vape cartridges, vape tanks, or vapor cartridges. Online you can only buy CBD, but we will make all ratios of CBD to THC in our oil including pure CBD, 3:1 CBD:THC, 1:1 CBD:THC, and pure THC.  No matter what you call them our oils are manufactured from organic hemp or cannabis using a state of the art extraction process. Our full spectrum CO2 oils also give you maximum benefit from the entourage effect whereby many cannabinoids work together to provide maximum health benefits. There is promising research about CBD and cannabinoids in general potential to aid in epilepsy, cancer, nausea, anxiety, sleep, depression, addiction, chronic pain, back pain, arthritis, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological degenerative disease or mental illnesses.