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Dr. D. Cannabis

CBD and Cannabis Flowers, Accessories

Our accessories work great with all sorts of products! Whether its organically grown Dr. D.  CBD and THC Flower, cannabis flower, bud, marijuana, cannabis, weed, CBD weed, THC weed, high CBD flowers, 1:1 ratio cannabis, 1:1 CBD:THC, Marijuana Flowers, Cannabis Flowers. If shopping in a dispensary our flowers are organically grown and come in prepackaged 1/8s in all your favorite marijuana strains depending on the harvest. Green Crack, Blue Dream, XJ, Northern Lights, OG, Kali Mist, Purple strains, sativa, indica, hybrid, Sour Diesel, Sour Girl, Girl Scout Cookies, Cookies, Chem Dog, SFV OG, Glue, Kush, Rhino, Headbanger, Trainwreck, Mantanuska Thunderfuck, Fruity Punch, Grape, Glue.  We will sell and make cannabis cones, joints, cigarettes, pre rolls, speciality pre rolls, hash oil pre rolls, 1g pre rolls, .5 g pre rolls, 6 packs of joints, 6 packs of pre rolls. There is promising research that cannabis flowers may help people with chronic pain, sleep, anxiety and more!