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Keep your cannabis card in 2018?!

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Keep your cannabis card in 2018?!

Keep your cannabis card in 2018?!

Mar 13, 2017 Written by Dr D

If you have a legit medical use for cannabis keeping your cannabis card could be a very good idea!

What are the reasons to Keep the Card!?

1) You still may very well need a cannabis card to buy ANY cannabis in CA until well into 2018, by which I mean government is slow and they still may not have the tax apparatus in place to allow for recreational sales until well into 2018. Remember cannabis businesses to sell recreational cannabis will need a recreational license – and those licenses are not even being issued until Jan. 1st 2018… if things are on time.

2) You are allowed to have more product as a medical patient. Medical patients can have up to 8 ozs, while recreational consumers can only have 1 oz.

3) Save on taxes if you have a legit medical use! Cannabis prices at dispensaries are about to go UP in a large way! Cultivation taxes are at $9.25 per oz of flower, plus a 15% retail sales tax, plus other regulatory burdens will drive the price up at the dispensary.

You can avoid paying sales tax by having your cannabis card and registering with your county medical cannabis office.

Here is the policy… link is below

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 2.21.19 PM

After you see one of our doctors, Find out where your local government cannabis card registration center is here –>