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About the Doctor


Dr. Davidson

Don Davidson, M.D., known as Dr. D., helped launch and now manages the first and largest online telemedicine service in the United States for medical cannabis, EazeMD. In 2018 he stopped seeing patients himself to avoid conflict of interest and moved onto strictly developing and managing a new advanced telemedicine system and helping launch the Dr. D. Cannabis Brand, a multi state brand with a development plan for international expansion.

A graduate of James Madison University and the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, Dr. Davidson worked as a surgical resident before moving to the University of Arizona to perform research in Emergency Medicine, with an emphasis on septic shock, pneumonia and traumatic brain injuries. He was a serial entrepreneur helping starting four small businesses before his current success and currently is focusing on technology development and brand growth.

A former Division 1 All-American in tennis, Dr. D. has also worked as a fitness instructor and as a life coach. A longtime advocate of healthy lifestyles, he believes medical cannabis can be used effectively to treat disease, manage pain, and improve wellness—without the risk of addiction to opiates or other prescription drugs. From Dr. D.: The endocannabinoid system is one of the greatest discoveries in modern medicine and the cannabis plant will go down in history as the most medically useful plant humans have discovered.