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About the Doctor


Don Davidson, M.D.

Hi there everyone!

Dr. D. here!

Dr. D. Cannabis is the first vertically integrated national cannabis and hemp brand run my a medical doctor.  Our CBD doctors team of scientists grows, extracts, manufactuers our products in house – insuring quality and supply chain control. The Dr. D. team offers a full line of trusted medical and recreational products.

Background on Dr. D.

After founding EazeMD (what was the largest cannabis telemedicine system in California) in partnership with Eaze I am currently loving life rolling out the Dr. D. Cannabis Brand in partnership with one of the largest cannabis groups in the world! EazeMD is on pause while I develop the next generation of multi-state cannabis telemedicine technology. Under the Dr. D. Brand I will oversee a full product line covering everything hemp and cannabis, including accessories – a Dr. D. Approved Collection of all things cannabis I love – both medicinal and social! I won’t bring products to you if my crew and I don’t dig them! We can’t wait to show you our products, cannabis lounges, and cannabis ranches!

Short story on me is that I have grown cannabis and researched  cannabis since I was about 16 years old. I always preferred the herb to alcohol – that appreciation for the social side of the plant and culture along with my formal scientific training as an M.D., researcher and worldwide attendance of cannabinoid conferences has let my brand become what some are calling some sort of mashup between doctor / red bull / cannabis – a sharp, exciting adventurous brand – backed by science! Our Dr. D. brand is now a team of PhD chemists specializing in extraction and medicinal product formulation, horticultural experts, cosmetic experts, and a world-class business team. I run a cannabis genetics and breeding program from which we harvest and sell flower and make oil in all ratios of CBD to THC. We offer medicinally oriented products as well as social products.

I have been a serial entrepreneur since college. I attended JMU for undergrad and VCU for medical school. Did a year of surgical residency at VCU moving to the University of Arizona to perform research in Emergency Medicine, with an emphasis on septic shock, pneumonia and traumatic brain injuries.

Through my research into cannabis, my entrepreneurial background, and my experience in using videochats to deliver life coaching services I helped launch and fully managed the first and largest online telemedicine service in the United States for medical cannabis, EazeMD in 2015.

In 2018 I stopped seeing patients myself to avoid conflict of interest as our team launches the Dr. D. Cannabis Brand.

The endocannabinoid system is one of the greatest discoveries in modern medicine and the cannabis plant will go down in history as the most medically useful plant humans have discovered.

Much love!

Dr. D.