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Dr. D's years of experience as a cannabis physician let him bring you a full line of scientifically formulated products in collaboration with a gentlemen who has his PhD in medicinal chemistry. The product line will eventually offer: CBD tinctures, cannabidiol, cannabis cones / joints, 6 packs of joints, CBD for pets, flower, vape pens, vape batteries, CBD water, Zero THC hemp oil, CBD oil, isolate, soft gels, concentrates, crumbleCBD gummies,  shatter, Cannabis wax, edibles, CBD drops, horse pellets, topicals, balms, patches, vape cartridges, pre rolls, and whatever you want to call your cannabis - buds, marijuana, weed, cigarettes, spliffs in california. Our oils are crafted by our PhD's who specialize in all forms of cannabinoid, terpene and flavanoid extraction: Supercritical CO2, Ethanol, BHO / butane.